🌱 Hungryroot Review 2020: Unboxing & Meals (Taste Test)

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🌱 Hungryroot Review 2020: Unboxing & Meals (Taste Test) - Видео онлайн

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Check out our Hungryroot review to get a glimpse into how easy it can be to put healthy, mostly plant-based meals on the table in about 10-15 minutes. Hungryroot offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert options as well as groceries, so you can truly achieve one-stop shopping. The components of each meal are already prepared for you, so you just simply put everything together when it comes to mealtime. Their meals are mostly plant-based, although they offer many lean protein options as well as Beyond burgers and other Beyond options. Their completely plant-based desserts, such as their Black Bean Brownies (you can eat it right out of the tub!) are also rave-worthy. This incredibly convenient approach combined with their delicious meals makes this one of the best meal kits out there.


0:00 Intro to Hungryroot Review
0:38 Unboxing: What Comes in a Hungryroot Box?
2:13 About Hungryroot service
3:21 Cooking Hungryroot Meals
4:46 Tasting Hungryroot Meals
8:23 Conclusion: Is Hungryroot Good?

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🌱 Hungryroot Review 2020: Unboxing & Meals (Taste Test) - Видео онлайн